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The ultimate YouTube-Music-Video-Playlist compiled by djPHILIPS



djPHILIPS started his DJ career as a resident in the well known Weekender Club in Innsbruck. It was there that he brought countless students to dance at Students Night for many years and was a fixture in Innsbruck’s weekly clubbing routine. From a musical perspective, djPHILIPS is hard to put into a genre. Each night is therefore as unique as its guests. In the mashup, indie and electronic music as well as hip-hop and many other genres of music are combined to form a homogeneous sound tapestry. Only the origin is important: from the underground and best never heard and new! This combination makes djPHILIPS a proven success behind the turntables and allows him to look back on hundreds of DJ sets at home and abroad. He has played sets in cities like Berlin, Zurich, or Vienna, is already part of the festival area at some festivals, and given a birthday serenade to FM4.





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„It’s all about playing for the people, bringing them closer to new and unlistened music.“
„Music is not only made to listen, music should inspire, convey a feeling and exhilarate.“



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